Thursday, July 29, 2004

What we have learned @ the Democrat Convention

The Top Ten (or sooooo) Reasons to Vote for John/John this November:

A. Bush Lied
2. Bush Lied
D. Vietnam
V. Bush Lied
d. Two Americas
9. Bush Lied
1.1.1 Dick Cheney is OLD.
q. The French don't like us.
a.B.1 Bush Lied
VIIXI. Cheney and Rumsfeld are really mean.
8. Michael Moore makes documentaries and that has the word document right there at the beginning and so, there you have it.
3. Bush Lied
a.1.E.33.fffff It will be great practice for the Clinton/Obama ticket in '08!
and finally
Z. Lie after Lie after Lie...

Uhhhhhhh, if we missed anything it is probably 'cause Bush Lied so much.


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