Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Big Speech

Left rehearsal at church about 9:30pm. (Hey, got to have priorities...)
Big John is mid-speech. I suppose about half-way?

Stream of consciousness impressions:

Hmmmm, John Kerry talking about Vietnam...

His timing is off. He doesn't know how to work applause lines.

How is he going to pay for this?

HMitGtCMiT? (How Much is this Going to Cost Me in Taxes?)

40k added to the military. NOW he wants to do this?


They don't call them Special Forces for nothing. Does he really think it will be that easy to double the ranks?


(Home now, watching the visual feed.)

His timing is off. He doesn't know how to work the "Help is on the way" chant that carried over from Little John last nite.


I had heard there was big-time control of signage all week. It is evident here. Lots of "Help is on the way!" signs in evidence.


The good thing is, he is animated, in fact more animated and expending more energy than I have seen yet in this campaign.

The bad thing is, now that he has been seen this animated, people will expect him to be this animated and expending this much energy the rest of this campaign.

HMitGtCMiT? x 17

The direct to Bush message at the end is a nice touch. Won't happen, but his people can always claim Bush is playing dirty.




The shot of Abe's statue is a bit over the top.

How are the Atheists in the crowd feeling right now?
Even Jennings notes Big John's uncharacteristic energy level. Says he never saw him sweat before...

Overall, he DID give the speech of his life.

Now the real fun begins.


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