Saturday, July 31, 2004

Das Neues Auto

OK, so it isn't German, but I don't do Japanese... ;-)

We purchased new transportation today. My youngest will be officially licensed anytime now and will be driving the Civic her older sister drove to college last year. Her sibling will take over the use of the CRV my wife has been using, and my wife will drive the new, more fuel-efficient car on her long commute.

And so I give you the latest vehicle in the 'stable':

The Silver Fox, a Honda Accord EX. (Notice a pattern here?)

Specifically an Accord EX with Leather and Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation Systemâ„¢

This addition from the Honda family confirms our path along the path of 'Hondaism' a peculiar quasi-religious order.

It also continues the tradition that finds me the only family member NOT driving a Honda and also driving the oldest vehicle in the clan. (Only as it should be.)

However, I am most disturbed to report that my WIFE now drives a vehicle with more Gizmos and Gadgets than I.

This is just fundamentally wrong...


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