Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Texas BBQ and a Movie - What more could you ask for?

As I post this and the last political musings, I am watching a documentary (a REAL one, not some Mooreish propaganda) BARBEQUE a TEXAS LOVE STORY while eating authentic Texas BBQ!

What more could you ask for?

The Alamo Draft House is a Texas experience, although their site mentions franchise opportunities. I wonder if they would reject an 'outa state proposal? Hmmmmmm...

I got the feeling I was one of the few attendees who were not IN or somehow related or friends with people who appear in the film. Each new scene seemed to elicit wild response from some group in the audience.

Austin, in addition to being the Live Music Capital has a large film making community.
This film was asked to return to Austin's South by Southwest Film Festival

It is a top-notch production, with life footage of Dan Rather discussing his Texas roots and Ex-Governor Ann Richards narrating. (Click here to see Ann Richards sitting on a hog.)

After the flik there is a meet the crew and Q&A.

Then, to top the event off, direct from the Sausage Festival in Elgin TX (the Sausage Capitol of Texas by the way) the SOWPREMES!

(I got to meet the lovely swinettes afterwards and was even dubbed an honorary BOAR!!!!)

See it if you get a chance!

The producers expressed an interest in getting it shown at the Whitehouse, if anybody out there has any connections, let me know!

Lots of fun. If you are in Austin, give the Draft House a try!

Dinner and a Movie AND free WIFI! All served up Texas Style!

Now THAT'S entertainment!


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