Sunday, August 08, 2004

Blessed Bond

Yesterday evening we went out with our best friend's family to dinner. On the way we decided to divert to a different restaurant than originally planned then proceed on to visit their sister/sister-in-law and see the three-week old new-borns. Fraternal twins, Brother and Sister. They gave their Mother much difficulty, attempting to enter the world far too early. As it was they were still a bit pre-mature, but did not require a major hospital stay or the intensive care that modern medical science can bring to bear in such cases. So many will quibble over life's commencement. It is the major motivating factor for many of various political spectrums.

And how could it not be so?

For the first and most fundamental premise is Life itself.

Some put their faith in empirical science to come up with some definitive answer to this question.

I have no doubt that genetic research will result in discoveries that will drastically change the political landscape and will undoubtedly cause radically shifting loyalties.

Those self-same geneticists would have us believe that the production of progeny IS the be all and end all. That the passing down of one's genetic material is the only imprint humankind can make on eternity. That there is nothing but instinct.

And who can say, empirically speaking, that they are wrong?

It is, however, an unarguable fact that there are wonders that can be wrought when pre-mature births occur that are little short of miraculous.

My two daughters were never this small as the tiny Brother and Sister I had the pleasure of holding, even on their first day.

Who's heart does not melt, with a baby in their arms?

Jeff Duntemann wrote at length on the ravages of 14th Century Europe and at least one theory on their source. A tale of monsters begat by monsters worthy of Mary Shelley. To think that one could treat their own children, so tiny and helpless in such a way?

Who could treat an child not yet born in such a way?

To hold a tiny life, so pure, so full of promise. How could ANY human heart not melt?

The debate will roll on. No doubt it will be mentioned much in the next few months.

When exactly? What rights and belonging to whom?

The most fundamental of all principals.

Life. It's Protection. It's Nurturing.
It's Overwhelming Responsibility and correspondingly Tremendous Joy.

I, for one, know what I believe.

"Every time I hear a new born baby cry,
Or touch a leaf or see the sky.
Then I know why,
I believe.


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