Thursday, August 26, 2004

More Bostonian Musings and a stop in Chi on the way home...

Ate lunches and dinners on Newbury, do to convenient customer location.
I can recommend the restaurants in the concentrated two block area highly,
I have dined at all of them at one time or another. This trip, I noticed
one of the Italian eateries had added a Persian Menu to their bill of fare.
(I did not inquire as to whether this was through marriage or acquisition.)
Having already partaken in the excellent Italian 'side', I sampled the
Iranian fare and was rewarded with an sumptuous repast.

The OpenNet experience, however, did not repeat my initial success on Tues.
evening. Never managed to get a successful connection again. :-/

(I still like this idea, though I imagine it is a Spring/Summer/Fall outside
dining experience, even if I could determine my particular problems.)

I had a lovely trip, the clients were happy, I was able to spend enjoyable
time in my favorite section of a great destination city.

Of course, the flight home was delayed, but, is that any news?

I do think it interesting that one cannot purchase any of the well-known
deep-dish pizza Chicago is so famous for within the confines of the O'Hare

I did try Worfgang Puck's restaurant. It is presently still under construction,
but ignore the scaffold and have a sit-down. He has a amalgam of various meats that
he calls meat-loaf
, but is a step above anything your Mom made.


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