Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Favorite Destinations: Boston

I am in Boston again this week. Boston is always a personal favorite.
And this trip I get to stay in my favorite Bean-Town flop-house:
The Marriott Copley Place. Practically a second home, I have spent un-counted nights within
it's walls. (Well, Marriott DOES count them, in fact, a three-week stay there first put me over the top of Marriott Concierge-lever status...) I have spent at the least MONTHS in residence here, though not consecutively. (That same three-week trip turned
into that year's Summer vacation, as my wife and children joined me and we had evenings
and week-end adventures. We have done this twice in Boston, once for a week-end in December.)

The Summer in August can be brutal in the Bay-State, with humidity making for a New-
England version of New Orleans or Houston. (OK, not as bad, NOTHING is that bad, but
still a stifling heat.) This week, I have brought the pleasant and perfect
un-seasonably cool weather we have been enjoying in KC. Days in the 80s and
lovely evenings in the mid to high 70s.

Last night, Abe and Louie's had there large front window open, California-style
and the sidewalk tables were full.

After ending the day's session I first made a pilgrimage to Micro-Center in
Cambridge. This is the second Micro-Center I visited, Houston being the first.
(I took a nap in Houston back in the Summer of '98, so as to visit Micro-Center
when it re-opened it's doors at Mid-Night to purchase my copy of Windows.
You would think it was a Harry Potter or LOTR release or something... ;->)
Of all the Micro-Centers, Cambridge/Boston is still my favorite. (I once saw
a stretch limo waiting outside.) I have purchased more hardware/software there
than any other branch, and that is saying something, given we have one in
Overland Park, KS...

Having sated the needs of the techie sort, it was time to turn to other
hungers and thirsts. And this, my friends, is where Boston and especially
the Copley Square area, shines.

There are two reasons why Marriott Copley is my hotel of choice:
Boylston street and it's parallel sister, Newbury.

Mind you, there are ample choices, and excellent, even closer to the Marriott in the
adjoining Copley and Prudential (technically a Boylston address) shopping malls. (Notice the numbers associated with the entries on the two inks above. I had to press Next several times to even reach
the first Boylston reference.) I have sampled many of these closer-in emporiums, but
it is Boylston and especially Newbury.

I shall have to check to see if there are any new offerings, as I pride myself in having sampled every offering on the main two-block section where nearly every former
town-house contains a restaurant in it's lower levels.

Tonight's choice, a must-repeat experience, La Famillia Georgio's. A little bit
of the North-End (Little Italy here in Boston) but mere blocks from our hotel!

I have walked enough the last two days to somewhat justify the pasta and it is
excellent, as always.

Extra added bonus to patio seating: Free WiFi Access thru Newbury OpenNet!

Quite an excellent evening, all in all...


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