Saturday, August 28, 2004

McCain Opens Fire in Vietnam Debate

Sen. John McCain has been quoted "I'm sick and tired of re-fighting the Vietnam War"
Well and good, and reading the details of his full statements have a distinctively
different feel than the 'sound-bite' versions I heard being discussed.
Nevertheless, it is not the Republicans that brought the Vietnam Conflict to the
forefront of this political campaign. Having made it such a large part of his
campaign, Sen. Kerry bristles when certain 'anomalies' are exposed. The calls
for suppression of the Swifties, including McCain's implications that this is not
proper discourse is well within his rights. Likewise, the Swift Boat Veterans are
fully within THEIR rights as independent citizens and decorated veterans themselves.

What is UNQUESTIONABLE is that the Constitution of the United States protects
speech, and NEVER sanctions it's suppression. Even the present set of Supremes
would be hard-pressed to find in favor of censorship THIS blatant.

Then again, political speech does seem to be a malleable commodity in today's world.

One thing is certain. It is the party who fancy themselves as the CHAMPIONS
against censorship are the very ones calling for, nay, DEMANDING it's instigation
at the first sign of arguments against their position/candidate.

Is anyone SURPRISED?


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