Thursday, September 02, 2004

The T Word

When all is said and done, this election, like ALL elections, boils down to one word:


When this word first occurred to me, early this morning, while I was still in that hazy transition between sleep
and wakefulness, I was ready to dismiss the very concept.

How can one Trust ANY politician.  The very concept seems foreign to the logical mind.
After all, they are all chameleons, willing and even anxious to reflect the latest poll data and the whims of the largest

"Of COURSE he's lying, his LIPS ARE MOVING..."

And yet, we all, deep in our heart of hearts, make a decision on who shall best REPRESENT us, at whatever level
of governmental service.  Even the more jaded will hold their nose and vote the one least likely to screw too much up.

So, though I realize this is not any huge revelation, and many will have already come to this oh-so-obvious conclusion:

A few words on Trust.

Both parties 'get-it'.

All of the Democrat and Liberal-sympathizing ads and movies are based on questioning Trust in the present
administration.  Some have even gone so far as to use the word 'regime' when referring to this administration..  
But this also is a method of undermining Trust.

Likewise the Republican ads, as well as the Swifties book and ads are brining into the public sphere the vacillations
of Sen. Kerry over the years.

I have made no secret of my leanings in this race.  I have not supported the Bush-Cheney team on all their decisions,
or the legislation they have encouraged and signed into law.  In this respect, I believe I accurately reflect many of the
'right'.  (Whatever that means, and it is not so simple as the press would have us believe...)

To be quite honest, I am much more a Libertarian than most of the Republican party.  this administration is FAR
from  my ideal.  

But look at the alternative.

What seems to me at least as obvious as these musings on Trust, is the ample evidence that the  Donkey party seems
to have short-term memory loss regarding our present situation.

Beyond all else, Sen. Zell Miller gave an impassioned description on why I am in full support of the re-election of our
present administration.

They GET IT.  They understand that we are rapidly approaching the third year anniversary of the SINGLE EVENT that
has fundamentally changed the political/cultural/civilized world for at least the first half of this new century.  Given the
long-standing enmity between Western Culture and the religious group associated with this militant terrorism and their
motivations/justifications, it might even be the first half of this Millennia.

As one commentator likes to say, "the adults are in charge."

The Donkey Party is all to willing to use ANY method/event/situation for Political Gain.
This, at it's heart, is what had Sen. Miller so agitated.  And rightfully so.

And so, we return to the T word.

Sen. Miller TRUSTS George W. Bush.

Assuming you are not already someone who agrees with the Honorable Senator from Georgia, (admittedly a dubious
prospect, but I might not have run-off everybody with my own rhetoric) you need to listen carefully this evening.

Whether you think the tax-cuts are a good idea or not.  Whether you are for/against gay marriage.  Or stem-cell research.
Whether you are pro/anti war/guns/choice/abortion/unions/big business/health-care reform/trial lawyers/torte-reform/etc.

Who makes you feel safer?
Who has taken steps to protect you, your loved ones and the very infrastructure of civilization that you are dependant upon?

Who do you TRUST?


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