Friday, September 03, 2004

Answers to Yesterday's Little Quiz with Musings on the Convention Week

All right class take out you papers and we will grade your answers  ;-)

Which party's candidate made a speech during the opposing party's convention?

Why, none other than the D-man, John F. Kerry.

For those who are not aware (and SURELY we all are, as we are PAYING ATTENTION (tm) are we not?) there is an unwritten Gentlemans agreement that one suspends active campaigning during the oppositions convention.  I choose my words carefully, and, as a result, conclude that Democrats in general (at least in there polarized left-leaning incarnation during this election cycle) and John Kerry in particular are/is no Gentleman.  This is, as the Brits would say, Bad Form

That said, I did not hear the speech, as I work for a living.  I did hear commentary on what was happening during the speech on the radio.  Apparently, when President Bush addressed the Legion, it was a wide shot with many Legionnaires in the background over each shoulder.  When describing Lt. (jg) Kerrys appearance, the camera shot was tight on Kerrys face, with no attendees visible. 

Were the Kerry people worried at the reactions that might appear amongst the audience?

(Consider this an extra-point opportunity.  Submit essays via e-mail  ;->)

Which party's operatives became 'sleeper-agents' in order to infiltrate the other party's convention and interrupt the Vice-Presidential and Presidential acceptance speeches?

Why, its the Donkeys AGAIN!  I suppose this was more evident to me during the Presidents speech because I was listening on the radio, rather than watching on television.  ABC commentators actually were so thrilled with this event that they TALKED OVER the speech to inform us of the rabble-rousers.  Let me know how much interruption it was via video.

It was only after the first interruption during the POTUS speech that I was reminded of the similar attempt to disrupt the Vice-Presidents acceptance speech the night before.  Does anyone doubt these were an intentional acts?  The protestors admitted they were going to attempt to disrupt the conventions smooth progress in any way they could.  To even consider that this would include infiltrating the convention itself was probably beyond the pale for the average Republican delegate.  I was quite proud of the crack team of Secret Service agents assigned to the Presidential detail.  They were on the top of their game and quashed these pathetic attempts before they even got started.  (BTW, POTUS is not disrespectful.  It is a Secret Service acronym.  President Of The United States.)

I wonder how soon or even if I will hear their actions justified by a Liberal talking-head.  Should the subject even come up, I have little doubt that the excuses for this abysmal behavior will be rampant.

(Email me any sightings of pundit apologists.

Which party's candidate made his First official campaign speech following the opposing party's convention barely 45 minutes after the conclusion of that convention?

This one is also the big D!  I also wait to hear the whine:  Technically it was the next day…”

The after-midnight rally was a transparent joke to anyone with half a brain.  (I said what I meant and I meant what I said)

Lt. (jg) Kerry regarding President Bushs speech:

All Hat, No Cattle!

(What the HELL does that mean, exactly?  Are we going for an obtuse Wheres the Beef? allusion?)

My reply to Lt. (jg) Kerrys positions:

No Hat, All Bull!

(To whom it may concern: Feel free to use this freely  ;->)

Which of these events is an Unprecedented first in the history of United States politics?

Why look, its ALL THREE!  A Triple-D!  (Would that be pronounced Duh,Duh,Dun?  ;->)

And finally:

Which party seems desperate?

We Report, You Decide   ;-)

P.S. I have decided to refer to the Democrat Party Candidate for President in a specific way from now on, starting with this post.  Explain this reference, including WHY it seems appropriate and receive Double-Super-Secret-Probation Extra-Credit Bonus Points.


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