Wednesday, September 08, 2004

VeeP Under Fire

Big do'ins over the Vice-President's statement yesterday on the importance of the upcoming election.

And Oh! Are the lefties/media in all a twitter!

"Over the Line!"  

Oh, really?  And the rhetoric coming from the Dem campaign and it's many allies is not?

Terry McAuliffe, Donkey Chair - "Bush was AWOL."

Mikey Moore's latest flick...

"Questioning our Abilities!"

Well, Duh!  If I didn't think I was better than you at running things, why would I even be in the election?
Are we supposed to have some kind of 'non-partisan' ELECTION?!?!?

And finally, the first one I heard quoted, and my personal fav.:

Madeleine Albright who said not only was the statement "Over the Line!" but also

OK, you want to talk about RESPONSIBILITY?  Get another spokesman/woman.

On Ms. Albright's Watch:

Four separate and well-publicized attacks.

Two African embassies.  (Technically US Soil.)
The USS Cole
The World Trade Center Truck-Bombing.

The Clinton counter-offensive results?

A bombed-out aspirin factory and some dead camels near an empty tent...

This just in:  The 1000th brave soul has passed in service to their country in Iraq.

This will present quite the quandary as to which should receive more attention,
this Mile-Stone that the Donkey/Libs have been salivating over for weeks, or
the Devil-Incarnate's grievous statements that he is somehow BETTER for the

I know which I think will win-out.

End-of-the-day update.

I am supprised. The 1000th casualty was very soft-pedaled, if it was noted at all. I really didn't think they had it in them...

The Cheney comment had much more attention.

In fact, it seemed to entirely deflect the whole casualty topic...

If the Whitehouse weren't such Political Morons, one might even think the Vice-President threw it out there to chum the water...


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