Monday, January 31, 2005

A Great Day for Freedom

Except for the title, I will let the Iraqi People comment on today's event:
"There will be no turbans in the government. Everyone agrees on that."

- ADNAN ALI, on an agreement among Shiite leaders that Iraq's new government should be run by lay people, not Islamic clerics.

"I want to vote, but as you can see, the situation is getting worse. We see these leaflets every day."

- KHALIDAYAH LAZEM, a Sunni Arab, on insurgents' warnings of violence against Iraqi voters.

"Election, that's the best weapon for us. Terrorists, they use car bombs. We use the election."

- DIAA AL-TAMIMI, an Iraqi expatriate who voted yesterday in Skokie, Ill.

"A hundred names on the ballot are better than one, because it means that we are free."

- FADILA SALEH, an Iraqi voter.

Go Read "The People Have Won" at Iraq the Model:



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