Sunday, March 20, 2005

All Things Being Equal, Astronomically Speaking OR Fun Calendar Facts

Today marks the Astronomical event known as the Vernal Equinox, an event of both Scientific and Religious importance. The tracking and noting of this event has been passed down to us in the modern era from ancient times.

It is when we turn to our Calendar that the ancient world is so very prevalent in on modern daily lives. And the inherent practical decisions made to smooth the way for conversion of the Pagans to Christianity.

Witness Easter. When growing up in the Baptist faith, I was perplexed as to the unique aspect of Easters seemingly random meanderings about the Spring season. I attributed it to the lunar nature of the Hebrew calendar and chalked it up to tracking with pass-over. (Seemed logical at the time, after all, the time-line is right there in all the Gospels for any-one willing to pay attention.)

Turns out I was all wet.

Seems that the Spring festival was more than just a Pagan ritual, it was an ingrained and important marker in the planting cycles of a il-literate agrarian society. And so the annual celebration of renewal and fertility was co-opted by the new Christian faith. This explains all of the non-sequiter traditions associated with the pent-ultimate event of the Christian year.

I am not one to challenge the wisdom or this decision. I think it was brilliant.

I like-wise see no great evil in the egg-hunt I observed the Baptists were holding this morning in their play-ground next to their church.

Others have different opinions and are welcome to them.

I would welcome yours:

Happy Holy Week.


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