Thursday, March 10, 2005

God save whomever and God save us from ourselves.

Michael Covington mentioned that Chuck and Cammie might not be tying the not so soon after all. Wow, Imagine that. The church that was at least partially founded on the issue of divorce for the sovereign of yore has the gumption to question the future modern-day sovereign on that very issue. Will wonders never cease? I tend to go with the crowd that thinks Chuck is out of the running for ever taking over the family business anyway. The boys will take over from grand-ma. At least that was the plan.

But maybe not.

Michael thinks this would be as good a time as any to give up the whole antiquated Monarch thing and follow the lead of the rest of the Western world.

I do find it fascinating that one generation after the last (??)English King adbicated over the scandal of divorce, both heirs to the next reigning Monarch had broken marriages...

This other post on Michael's blog discusses the root cause to this whole sorry affair (pardon the pun). In fact, this concept sums up the whole Red State/Blue State schism here in the former colonies. This is the Universal-Theory of the "Values Thing"...


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