Monday, April 11, 2005

Why England is like ________________

This had actually occurred to me this week-end, but it was such a busy set of 'days off' that I had no chance to look up a fact or two and post this.

As I Googled (IBaNAaV) for the size of England, as opposed to the entire U.K. I ran across this site:

I think they have the right idea, but they picked the wrong state.
(Perhaps the easy the cross of St. Andrew/St. George thing blinded them to my obviously better comparison...)

I submit to you:

Both are approximately the same size: England 50,334 sq mi This state 51843 sq.mi

Both owe their weather patterns to the influence of the Gulf of Mexico.

Both are dominated, culturally, economically and socially by their largest city that is, basically, the entire SouthEastern portion of the country/state.

Said cities are river towns, founded as frontier trading posts of far-flung empires.

The populations of both ostensibly speak a single language, yet their are dialects so pronounced that two persons living a few miles apart may be functionally unable to communicate.

The only decent food is based on highly spiced cuisine brought in by outsiders.

Both the country and the state were profoundly influenced by invasions/immigrations of Franko-phones that affect the language and culture to this day.

I leave it to you to name the state.

The one person who I can count on to read this entry already knows, I am sure.

And, once I made this connection, unfathomable choices were made clearer to me.

The question is, was it a conscious choice?


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