Monday, March 28, 2005

Where N Da Woild is MrG? OR Texas N Da Spring

This week I am in Houston. Houston is one of two major American cities directly adjacent to the NW reaches of that Heat and Humidity juggernaut, more commonly known as the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike certain people whom I both love and respect, in spite of their crazy notions of why it makes any sense to live in that OTHER city, I having experienced the Sauna-is-my-life experience that is life-by-gulf and am just as happy that this trip takes place during the latter days of the all-to-pleasant Winter-mode that somehow convinces these lunatics that humans were actually intended to endure the torment that IS May-September around these parts. (That self-same person's background as an English major and teacher should REALLY appreciate that run-on monstrosity I just concocted... ;->)

Houston is, however a nice place to visit during these more tolerable months, although I have been constantly reminded of just how CRAZY the traffic is in this town. (Permanent Heat Induced DeMentia? I should think so!)

First night (Monday) I had dinner at an excellent Cajun Seafood emporium, Jimmy G's half a block from my temporary digs, the Marriott Greenspoint.

The special entree, a stuffed fish smothered in etouffee was excellent. It was, however, the appetizers that truly shined. Oyster's on the half-shell cooked with garlic butter.

This Client is way up North in the greater (and I so mean GREATER) Houston area, just two exits away from the George Herbert Walker Bush Intercontinental Airport. This is my first time spent centered this far North and my more familiar haunts are a LONG way away. A quick appraisal or free WiFi access does not look promising. But then again even for-fee locations are not that plentiful.

Oh, well, occasional stints of dial-up access from the hotel room help us to appreciate high-speed access all the more...


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