Wednesday, March 23, 2005

College Basketball History in the making

My father is a huge high-school basketball fan. He played basketball for his high school, (back then his 6'1" frame was considered tall, just shows how nutrition has improved...)

I have not much followed the sport, following my graduation from one of the power-houses among Missouri high-schools.

While I did attend a few games during my college years, it was because I knew people in the pep-band. Back then they had not attempted to join the big-time and sports were practically a second-thought.

I recognize the names a few professional b-ball players.

My interest in March Madness is limited to regional team participation. This years run by the alma-mater was nice to see, but never actually got me to change the channel.

So, you may be surprised how I spent my last few waking hours in Boston on Tuesday evening.

Watching the Lady Volunteers of the University of Tennessee make sports history.

I was on the road last year and ran across a documentary on Pat Summit and her team.

I like Coach Summit, (I would love to meet her and have permission to call her Pat) her story, her program, the values she instills in her student-athletes.

It is worth noting that this program has a 100% graduation rate.

It is worth lamenting that it is the only program I know of that can claim such.

And at 52, she's hardly done.

You go girl...


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