Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Release Date

Well, it is now OH-Fishle.

I am, as of today, an OLD FART(tm).

Yes, boys and girls, MrGadgets has survived to an auspicious annual anniversary:
1577923200 Seconds(I have no idea when exactly today the precise second will pass when all these figures are accurate. Thusly, I didn't account for leap-seconds), 26298720 Minutes, 438312 Hours, 18263 Days (yes, I accounted for leap-years), 600 Months, .5 Centuries, five precent of a Millineum.

I have long since given up any concern at enumerating this annual event, but this particular one has presented a "Golden" opportunity to spend four days lording over my oldest friend the fact that HE was an old fart, where-as I was NOT. YET...

Ah Well. It has been a good run so far. Here's to the next... what?
Half? Third?

Maybe I can even stick it out long enough and, if we are all lucky, you and I and everybody else can last out this whole Millineum.

Gotta get in shape.


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