Wednesday, April 28, 2004

News Bits and the Useless Factoid of the Week

Made a late night trip to the grocery for some school snacks. Checking out I noticed the latest People magazine features Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. (Anybody remember them?) The girls make the shocking statement that they are 'Getting older'.

Just imagine the headlines if they weren't...

And will this be next weeks headline?

20/20 Special Jumps the Shark just before Barbra Walters Jumps Ship!

Note to BABA WAWA: News SHOULD already BE reality TV...

Finally, this week's Useless Factoid of the Week came to my attention when an Outlook alarm popped up on my screen Monday morning. Whoa, I thought, what is with that huge number. I checked the details and discovered a slight problem with the date.
BUT, because of this we now are reminded, this week is exactly 130270 weeks from January 1st, 1601.

Apparently Outlook thought I was supposed to call my accountant sometime during the Reformation... ;-)

BTW, obviously I snagged a real PC for this posting...