Monday, May 10, 2004

Angry Activists Angst and Agitate Against 'Assault' Armaments - Assail Average American Arsenals

Q: What do you call a Mother's Day Rally with 2000 participants?
A: The Million Mom March...

Billed as the big kickoff to the "Halt the Assault" tour, turn-out yesterday was down a bit from the original march back on May 14th, 2000 of 500,000. (You remember that one, with Rosie and Susan? Apparently they didn’t show up for the sequel…)

According to Million Mom March spokesperson Shikha Hamilton, "We're going back to Washington to fight for our children's safety and demand that Congress keep military style AK47s and Uzis off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods."

I should think Ms. Hamilton, as a Doctor of Jurisprudence would know better. Both sides of the gun debate agree that UNITED STATES V. MILLER, 307 U.S. 174 is the basis for gun-control legislation. The problem is the Supremes specifically stated that weapons for Military use were the very items referred to in the Second Amendment.


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