Saturday, May 08, 2004

And Now for Anything Completely Different!

or What do you call a bunch of politicians at the bottom of the Ocean?

Well, imagine that, a bunch of Federales begin pontificating and I get riled-up.
Big surprise, huh? ;-)

(BTW, 'riled-up' is a dead giveaway that I was raised in a Southern or Border state. We will be getting into language issues here, one of my many hobbies...)

Politics is a morbid fascination with me. The truly odd thing is, I have a healthy distrust for anything that comes out of a politician's mouth, at whatever level.
(Of COURSE she's lying, her lips were moving... ;-)

On the one hand it is so vitally important, for unchecked, it can have a huge, usually un-intended affect on our lives. On the other hand, it is just a bunch of narcissistic rhetoric producing nothing much more than sufficient hot air to power North America.

Part of my purpose here is to win you over to my way of thinking. And not in the way you may assume. I want you to PAY ATTENTIONĀ®. Whatever these people's intentions, they almost always screw the pooch. These are big huge organizations with huge amounts of our Production and they honestly think they are smart enough to control things and force positive change. They may dis-agree on what that change is, but they all want it.

If you have worked in/for a large organization you are familiar with, shall we say, cultural inertia.
Anyone who doesn't expect corruption when large amounts of money are involved have no concept of the history of mankind.

It really is the definition of irrationality if you think about it...

So, as i have mentioned before the whole Left-Right thing is totally inadequate to try and track these things. And, through the wonders of the Internet, I can point you toward the treatise that first introduced me to the concept of two-dimensional political thinking.

(BTW, this is just a miniscule sample of the un-believable content available at Baen Books. Check it Out.

This was the basis of my political path. It has served me well. After all, how can we map the political landscape without a descent system of Cartography?

So, enjoy, I know I did.

Now, let's see..... That way |_