Tuesday, May 04, 2004

USB HUB Redux, plus a useful accessory from a convenient source

OK, I'm really not fixated on USB hubs, although I suppose it would seem so. I did want to mention a new find that addresses some of the problems I mentioned in my previous post about Radio Shack hubs.

The Kensington PocketHub USB 2.0 has a unique port configuration that allows easier usage of items like USB drives and Bluetooth or WiFi adapters:

As you can see there are two ports on one side of the hub. The other side contains another two ports, along with the power input. (You can see the power cable in the photo but mine is a slightly different configuration. Who knows?)

Not only is this different than the more common closely-spaced rectangular configuration

each of the side-by-side pairs are more widely spaced than other small hubs.

Very compact (2in. square and less than .5in. thick) and comes with switching power supply (the PS is about the size of two of the hubs stacked) also includes a nifty little carrying pouch.

Even with the increased spacing I was not able to plug in one of my other favorite USB toys and still plug in another cable.
LXR JDT-231 LEXAR MEDIA JumpDrive Trio

This is the Lexar JumpDrive Trio, a media-card reader that has an alter-ego as a USB drive!

You simply open the JumpDrive, slip the Multi-Media Card (remember those?), Secure Digital or MemoryStick into the slot and voila!

I am a big fan of using readers as USB drives, but the CompactFlash versions are just too 'clunky' for that cool USB drive look.

Re-use that digital media you purchased for your camera or PDA!
Best of all, you can pick it up at a local retailer near you,
I found mine for $19.99 @ WalMart.

Next time, my technology post will be something besides a USB hub, I promise... ;-)