Thursday, April 29, 2004

But, what about?

Just a quick note, Festival of Strings was tonight, State Music Contest trip early tomorrow.
Busy few weeks at the school year-end!

Jeff Duntemann pointed me to Micheal Covington's blog and I find it worth a read.

I noticed this a few weeks back and not to be too critical, thought it a bit strange.

(Sorry for the inexact ref., page up to the 21st of April.)

It was not the fact that so many protestants admired the Pope. Read the definition of "evangelical". Anybody else notice anything missing? Like EVANGELISM?

I think the evangelistic aspect of many Chtistian denominations is one of the things that put people off. I know, I know, Great Commision and all that...

Just found it a bit odd that it was left out.