Monday, May 03, 2004

Foundation Principles

or Local Government Official takes bold stand on unfair taxation!

I heard news today that Mayor Kay Barnes of Kansas City was heard invoking one of the Foundation Principles of the American Revolution.

No Taxation Without Representation.

The Mayor was concerned with lack of city oversight of operations of Kansas City's Union Station. Her Honor feels that any tax increase to further fund the station should include a provision for the involvement of city officials.

I applaud the Mayor's new-found concern for the welfare of Kansas City area citizens in the continual fight against the tyranny of Legal Plunder in the form of taxation.

I look forward to the Mayor's proposal to resolve the equally heinous example of the violation of this same principal. I refer, of course, to my lack of representation in Kansas City Government despite being required to pay the City Earnings Tax...

Oh, you can go, this might take a while...