Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Nobel Laureate calls for more US tax cuts

Why did Google point me  to a site in NEW ZEALAND to read this?

Why were the other hits for the query "nobel laureate bush tax cuts" NOT about this story????

Take a WILD GUESS!!!   :-(

This can be found at:
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Washington - Edward Prescott, who picked up the Nobel Prize for Economics on Monday, said President George Bush's tax rate cuts were "pretty small" and should have been bigger.

"What Bush has done has been not very big, it's pretty small," Prescott said.

"Tax rates were not cut enough," said Prescott.

Lower tax rates provided an incentive to work, Prescott said.

Prescott and Norwegian Finn Kydland won the 2004 Nobel Economics Prize for research into the forces behind business cycles.

The American analyst, who is a professor at Arizona State University and a researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, said a large tax cut in 1986 had lowered rates while collecting the same revenue.

But "in the early nineties the economy was depressed by the tax increase in 1993 by about four percent, and it's right at that level now," Prescott said.

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Now people, listen carefully tonight!  ONE of the candidates has a position that the tax-cuts are not only wrong, but he ADVOCATES reversing them.

He belongs to the political party that never saw a tax they didn't LIKE.

He has represented for years a state that is NOTORIOUS for it's high Taxes.

LT. (jg.) Kerry is the first to question ANY move to LET YOU KEEP YOUR MONEY by asking "How will we PAY for this tax-cut?"

Let us have a little contest.  Try to determine any possible way that the Democrat Party's candidate can PAY for all he promises you he will do in his first term.  Be creative.  Think outside the box.

e-mail me your proposed formula:


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