Thursday, May 05, 2005

Most Unique Day of the Year (Numerically Speaking)

Today is so unique it will not only happen once this year, but only once this century.
It is 05-05-05.

I could swear I had made note of the similar 04-04-04 event last year, but, could not find it. What can I say? The first thing to go is your memory and I can't remember the second thing... ;-)

As this a remark on the Gregorian calendar, a commonly used device used to measure time, I shall continue in that vein.

I have been in a time-sensitive mode of late. I know the posts have been few and far between. In fact, this posting will be almost a full month from the last. Where has the time gone?

I will not go into details, but the synopsis is:
It is amazing how full your calendar gets at the end of the school year with two daughters active in the performing arts. Add to that an extra high-school Senior who in the house and I have been one busy Dad.

I have not been active here on the blog, and have fallen behind in most of my 'regular' reading of other blogs and techy web-sites.

I also confess I have picked up a new tech addiction.


I started downloading some in Houston last month and the list has grown.

More on this later, including some audio-blogs/podcasts of my own.
Coming soon to a blog near you. (You are looking at this blog right now, yes? Does that count as 'near' in cyber-space?)

I also have worked on some posts in off-line mode and plan on post-posting them, so scroll back into the past and see what I write there in the future. (Is this confusing, or what? '->)

Anyway, here's hoping you had a Funf-tastic Day!

Down with the French


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