Saturday, July 02, 2005

Tempus Fugit

By my calculations (365.25/2=182.625 24*0.625=15) at approximately 1:00PM today the Year of Our Lord 2005 will be half-way over. These calculations may not be strictly precise, given the way Pope Gegory's calendar handles the extra time via leap years, but this seems close enough. (BTW, the only reason I know he was the 13th Pope by that name was my Wiki-Search. I dare you to name a single thing accomplished by the first twelve...)

I only mention it because I noted the passing of the Solstice and was surprised on how far off the mid-point of the year actually occurred.

(Extra Bonus: I think the title link is a LOT more fun than some dry Latin dictionary, don't you?)

Anyway, just a little reminder, in case you have some un-finished Resolutions or anything.

Hey, don't look at me.
Maybe my resolution was to remember to remind YOU... '-)


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