Monday, May 24, 2010

The more things Change, the more they stay the same...

Just for something completely different, I actually put up a blogpost
today. (Actually, I put up a series of links I might be interested in
finding easily in the future, along with some text to make it clear I
qualify for an official 'Old-Fart of the Net' badge and a 'I was at
least around and at least some-what participated in he Revolution'
badge... ;->) I Started my blog, oh so many years ago, and was struck by
how my self-description of interests is just as pertinent today:

MrGadgets Almanac of Techie Wizardry & Travel Compendium
A rambling mix of things that interest me (In no particuar order):
Technology,Science,Art,Commerce (Much more than just the interchange
of money. What exactly is money anyway?) Politics,Weight-Loss -
Specifically Low-Carb, Spiritual Paths as Oppossed Organized
Religion,Music,Celtic Music,Bluegrass,Cowboy Music,The latest book I
am reading. (Usually Sci-Fi/Fantasy) The lastest book I am writing.
(Same) Grail Lore,My latest travels & tips,WiFI
access,Coffee,&Everything else...

I like to THINK that I have learned a thing or two about these
subjects in the interim time... ;-)

More later, be it just links, or bits of drivel to tie them together!

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