Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Big Time Travel Tip - Rule 240

I must admit that these two words have been a Note in my Outlook file for years now. I ran accross the knowledge that Rule 240 existed in some back-of-the-seat Airline magazine, but had never done the due diligence to get the complete story. (Odd place to find this included, given the knowledge costs the airline money...)

I was reminded of Rule 240 during my Travel Travails (tm) last week, and did a quick Google (IBaNAaV) today.

Here is a synopsis from the excellent article here:
Rule 240: Don't Leave Home Without It!

Here's your secret weapon for fighting airline delays, cancellations, and missed connections:

Rule 240.

Before airline deregulation in 1978, Rule 240 was literally a federal requirement. Nowadays, it's a term describing what individual airlines will do for late or stranded passengers. In fact, the major airlines have filed "conditions of carriage" with the U.S. Department of Transporatation (DOT) guaranteeing their respective Rule 240s.

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, or if you've missed your flight connection, these policies may give you free meal vouchers, hotel accommodations, phone calls, and other amenities. You may be booked on a substitute flight -- even on another airline -- and you may be compensated or given a full refund if the flight problems persist.

The article includes links to individual airline versions of the rule for print-out.

While I am at it, check out the rest of the site:

Lots of good info.


If you are traveling, be safe.

At least with Rule 240 in hand there is a bit less need for Caveat Emptor.


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