Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Latest news on this morning's radio broadcast

Just heard that that Other Bruce that also sings a bit will be joining Lt. (jg) John F'ing Kerry in rallies today at Ohio and Wisconsin campuses.  This to make sure his base is energized and shows up in droves for the coming election.

His BASE?!?!?!

I guess the conservative talk-show hosts have it correct.  The base really doesn't support Lt. (jg) Kerry.
They hate W.

Even the staffs of blatantly liberal publications admit, when pressed that their vote for Kerry is not really based on Lt. (jg) Kerry himself.  When asked, it is the standard Bush Lied line...

Also in the news:  Boston Hero Supports Re-Election of President Bush.

To quote Curt Shilling:  "Everybody Vote, and Vote for Bush!"

How 'bout those Red Sox?  ;-)


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