Monday, July 25, 2005

On the Road Again....

Or rather I SHOULD be on the Road.

Instead, I am sitting, waiting for my thrice-delayed arrival in Indianapolis via Detroit.

I should have just driven, given the ~= 7 hour I-70 trip would be about a wash by the time you factor in my distance from the airport in KC and making a connection.

But I didn't. I succombed to the siren song of an early return via the only direct flight available for my Friday return. If you fly on a regular basis, you already know which carrier, given I sit in the airport in Detroit as I type this.

Shoulda drove.

I arrived early at MCI (Mid-Continent International, I think was the moniker that resulted in that code.) The Detroit flight was delayed, but I had close to an hour lay-over in MI so, no problem. (HA!)

I also retrieved a message on my cell from my new boss, indicating that my intended client-contact was out sick and a designated alternate to ask for when I arrived in Indy.

No problem.

Little did I know.

Actually, the flight from KC to the Great Lakes country was great. Had a conversation with a young man, also from my particular subhurb who used to work for a subsidiary of my company. He was now involved with a California-based start-up and we had a lively talk about many things. I, at least, had a great time.

Arrived in plenty of time for the connection. Find my seat and settle in for the 7 minute flight to the heart of Abe Lincoln's birth-state. (Note: Lest you be too confused, Detroit is in the Eastern time-zone. Thus the short seeming duration, given that departure and arrival times are stated in local time. In a previous life that brought me frequently to European locations, I would often arrive before I left while flying East, a nice trick when you can pull it off. ;->)

We finally pull out of the gate and final tests of electrical systems are the last impediment to on-time take-off.

Big Impediment.

Eventually, they bring us back to the gate.

Then, they announce we will not only de-plane, but we will need to be re-booked on other flights.

When consulting with the NWA 800 Reservationist (pilot's suggestion, rather than waiting in the Ginormous line) I have a seat on the 5:20 flight.

It is now 6:03 and there is finally a plane at the gate. (Surprisingly, the gate did not make the anticipated change.)

As we are estimated to take off an hour late, I will post this and pay more attention to the gate action.

More later.

Shoul'da Drove...


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