Sunday, August 07, 2005

Early Adoption of Hand-Held Computing

Some might argue that the true right-of-passage of any new product is:

Product Placement.

Yes, those Oh-So-Subtle (or not) inclusion of Brand-Name products into your favorite movie.

Apple has made much hay with it's distinctive PowerBooks. (WinDoZe notebooks are at a dis-advantage as they do not have a immediately recognizable look that relates to BRAND.)

While surfing the web this afternoon, I was reminded of one such product placement for another Apple product in the movie I was half-watching.

The Movie: Under Siege 2
(I like Stephen Segal movies on the whole. I like the message that there ARE still heros, not just the anti-heros Hollywood seems to prefer.)

The Product:
The Newton.
(An amazing technology platform, ahead of it's time. Killed off by Jobs in his grand home-coming to the fruity fun-house. Mostly because it was John's baby.)

Did you miss it? It is a real hacker moment.

Geek points for the first person to send me it's usage.

Extra super-geek points for the first person to e-mail me the earlier '90s movie that featured hacking with another early hand-held device.

Valuable prize awarded for highest points.
(Well, you will get something.)

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