Monday, November 08, 2004

Is it Any Wonder?


The Airwaves/Newspapers/Magazines/Blogspace is filled with analysis and angst.


Hey!  Donkey-Boy!


Purchase a piece of investigative information!


I was watching Fox this weekend (Sunday, I think) and was watching Cavuto interview the editor of Time.


I suppose this was one of the myriad attempts to explain away the Kerry defeat.  (I’m talking about HER motivation, not Cavuto’s…)


ANYWAY, at one point she is trying to explain John Kerry’s deep-felt religious belief that somehow did not resonate with the electorate.  She lamented the apparent lack of understanding of the common-man to Lurch’s subtly nuanced faith.


She cited anecdotes during his time in Private Boarding School.




And she was serious.  Honest.


And this is the party of the little guy?



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