Thursday, November 04, 2004

It's the VALUES Stupid

It's not about the Religious Right. Or not just about them.
It's not about Religious Jews, or practicing Catholics, both Upper and lower case.
Hell, it's even about Agnostics and even a good number of A-Theists.

It's NOT about Gay Marriage, if you limit it to simple concepts and sound-bites you will never 'GET IT'.

I assume that even those 24 years and younger, are familiar with the infamous "It's the ECONOMY Stupid" sign, lo these 12 years ago, when you were but 12 years old, if that yourselves.

Half of the Democrat message was variations of this theme from the pre-9-11 playbook. The other was straight-out Deaniac anti-war rhetoric that allowed Lt. (jg) John Kerry re-live his youth.

Clearly, this one-two punch never really connected a solid hit.

Part was the messenger. Even Kerry's base never really LIKED Kerry.

But even with all that, this election was won on a different basis.

Don't get me wrong,
It IS about God or the Creator, or some higher power for most. But not all.

The Republican Tent really was bigger this time around and, unlike the Donkeys, it's not filled with people with basically different sometimes incompatible interests who are united only by what the Party can DO to benefit them. Instead it is filled with people who have found COMMON GROUND.


It's about the Positive, not the Negative.

It's about Personal Responsibility.

It's about Family. It's about security of your loved ones. It's about the little-publicized fact that the REAL market in movies is NOT R and above. The REAL money is G-rated.

It's about love of Country. Of Patriotism. Of recognizing that the Bill of Rights is paid-for by the Blood and Sweat of the American Military in harms way.

It's about the public service of police and fire departments who place their lives on the line for little monetary gain. And that some Gansta' shouting about shooting one of these heroes is not 'edgy' it's OVER THE LINE.

It's about Valuing Effort and Pursuing Knowledge.

It's about Substance over Style.

It's about Right and Wrong, and the Knowledge that there IS a Difference.

It's about the existence of Evil, and the courage to face it down.

It's about Core Beliefs.

It's about Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness.

About Life, Faculties and Production.

It's Truth, Justice and the American Way.


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