Monday, November 15, 2004

The Sad Passing of an Era

The Liberal Militant A-thiest Leftist faction has achieved a new high-point in their continual push to re-write history and 'cleanse' the public-sector of any and all references to any higher power.

As of today, Monday, November 15th, 2004 AD (Hah! Take THAT you PC scum!) US Military Bases can no longer directly sponsor Boy Scout Troops. The reason? Members of the Boy Scouts profess a belief in God.

Let me state at the outset, I got no dog in this hunt. I was never afforded the opportunity to join the venerable ranks of the B. S. of A. I, being a recovering Southern Baptist, instead belonged to an organization called the Royal Ambassadors.

It IS worth noting, that this organization was a Southern Baptist Scouting replacement BECAUSE the Baptists must have found the B. S. of A. NOT CHRISTIAN ENOUGH!

Witness the Royal Ambassador pledge:

As a Royal Ambassador I will do my best:
to become a well-informed, responsible follower of Christ;
to have a Christ-like concern for all people;
to learn how to carry the message of Christ around the world;
to work with others in sharing Christ; and
to keep myself clean and healthy in mind and body.

Obviously, the last line is the token clue that this is Scouting in another guise.
As it was, we spent time camping, crafting and collecting badges.
Sound familiar?

That said, my best friend is an Eagle Scout, as is my youngest daughter's beau.
I have nothing but respect for Scouting. I think it is a great program and can think of no sane person who could state otherwise.

Which brings us back to the group who have forced, through legal challenges, yesterday's decision.

They will ignore and obfuscate any and all historical background to interpret the language of the U.S. Constitution to fit their views.

The single supportable argument I can find in this process is that no tax money should be spent by the government on any item offense to one's personal beliefs. Where this falls by the way-side, in my mind, is that this whole church-state thing is the sole category where an, admittedly, limited group dictates and even over-rides the belief and will of the majority.

Just how far will this lead? Many, nay, most Scouting organizations are sponsored by Churches. Churches receive tax-exempt status. Should this also be limited? Then again, most Churches profess a belief in God. (Most ;->) Should this tax-advantage not also be questioned? Where, exactly, does the slippery-slope end?

Shall we split hairs and argue the financial benefit derived from such sponsorship and pro-rate the tax revenue NOT collected? Careful now. If the government funds condom education for Planned Parenthood, does that not allow that organization to use their other sources of income for purposes which I might find objectionable? (Here we start talking about SERIOUS portions of the Constitution and the Declaration. Whatever you might think, nobody ever DIED because someone you never meet says the Boy Scout pledge on an Air Force base in Boise...)

Rather than belabor this point, I propose a simple solution: Anyone should, at their option, be able to deduct from their income-taxes, the proportional amount used to subsidize any activities of this Freedom-suppressing organization on Military Reservations. You can even round UP. This should save you upwards of one cent.

As if anything about this decision MAKES CENTS...


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