Thursday, November 18, 2004

What Was He Thinking?


According to this story:


John Kerry has millions of dollars of campaign funds remaining in his war-chest.


What exactly does this mean?

Here are the possibilities, as I see it:


  1. The internal polling within the campaign were as biased and blue-sky as the exit-polling and they thought they didn’t NEED to spend it.
  2. They were such poor bookkeepers that they didn’t REALIZE they had the surplus.
  3. The internal polling indicated the what the actual outcome would be and they made a conscious decision to keep the money for a 2008 run.
  4. He was never serious in the first place.


I put it to you that 1 and 2 indicate gross incompetence.

3. indicates almost as much delusion as 1.


As Mr. McLaughlin would say:  The ANSWER is FOUR!




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