Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Political Poem Primer

Kerry, Kerry, quite Contrary,

How did Ohio go?

You made the push, to beat George Bush,

but overlooked Carl Rowe!

You padded the vote, with even a goat,

and lawyers ready to rally!

But try as you may, on that given day,

fell short on the ultimate tally!!

With CBS Dan, you made your stand,

and labeled the Prez a liar!

The "Elitist" beamed as "Farenheit" screened,

and Teddy belched deep from the mire!! 

The Media said, that you were ahead,

and winning by you, a "cinch"!

They just couldn't wait, to end the debate,

and Crown you and the "pickle-wench"!!

But from the waters of Nam, and praise of the "Cong",

Your past had the stench of a "paddy"!

After all's said and done, about who's Number One!

GW is still yo Daddy!!!!


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