Sunday, September 26, 2004


"Big! Bada big boom! Big! BOOM!" Leeloo - The Fifth Element

OK, no need to panic, I seem to be fine, but I had a MAJOR lesson in kinetic energy physics last Thursday morning.

Given the relatively slow speeds and masses involved, I am even more a believer in the potential of kinetic-based scenarios that are often the fodder of my favorite Sci-Fi selections.

As far as I know, I am just sore all over. And that sure beats the alternative.

And like Sarge used to say: "Let's be careful out there."

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Kick Butt and Take Names!

This week is our annual client conference. The second day traditionally starts with an outside key-note. Today was that day and we were treated to AfterBurner Seminars.


If you are in a position that hires team-building or other motivational events, I highly recommend them. If you have a chance to attend one of their sessions, DO!

The most interesting item, of many, that I brought away from the session was a unique aspect of the Pilot's Methodology, if you will.

The two air-men present for out session stressed the four steps used to maintain and improve the exceptional performance necessary to fly super-sonic aircraft into hostile situations and live to tell the tale:


Now, these are not unique, per-se. In fact they are just different terms used to describe what has become known in the business community as Quality Improvement processes. Sig-Sigma and Total Quality Management, two such systems that were the subject of a session I saw yesterday have similar steps, using different terminology.

No, what was unique to the military implementation was the De-Brief. And it was not a difference of what, but of how.

The Mission De-Brief is Name-less and Rank-less.

Take a moment to reflect on that.

Could, would your 'reviews' of projects go differently if everyone involved knew that anything said in that de-brief was based of facts that needed stating and legitimate faults brought to the surface, no matter what level the criticisms fall?

I thought so.

As our No. 1, GunDog, stated, the de-brief is not about WHO is wrong, it's about WHAT is wrong. And is starts at the top. The flight-leader will start the process, listing his/her own faults in both the planning and execution of the mission.

If you are involved with teams, try this on you next post-project review.

And watch that Task Saturation!

Now, go out there and EXECUTE!

Sunday, September 19, 2004


The excellent Douglas Adams novels notwithstanding, this is the meaning of life.

A life of acomplishment.
A life of Purpose.
A life of Sacrifice.

The Arizona Cardinals are celebrating that life of accomplishment and sacrifice of Pat Tillman by retiring his number today.

Every NFL player will be wearing Tillman's number, 40, on their helmets today.
The pre/half/post game talking heads have lapel pins.

An Army of One.

God Bless the Republic of the United States of America.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Great Cup 'a Joe and WiFi in DownTown Jeff

Spending the week-end at the apartment in the City and do'in some shopping. We had already connected wirelessly this morning at breakfast. Of all places Country Kitchen here in Jefferson City has free WiFi! Now, we are doing some downtown shopping, after visiting my wife's state office building. The girls are checking out a favorite store or two (while this is my first trip down since moving my better half, my youngest daughter has visited twice, the second trip with her older sibling.) While they are further exploring the fashion offerings, I have a chance to check out Jeff's Coffee/WiFi offering, Yanis Coffee Zone. Taisir Yanis, the owner, has a brother who operates Coffee joints in Columbia that also feature a free wireless connection. In addition, desktops are available, did not check if there are any fees involved. Gyros, Greek salads, hummus and spinach pie and some good-looking desserts. Family house-brand: Rocket Fuel. A nice mix of Delta Blues precludes the need to break out the headphones. Recommended.

BTW, Jefferson City was chosen as the capitol for the then Missouri territory in 1821. (This choice of a central capitol for the state mimics the state's county seats. For most of the counties in Missouri, the county-seat is centralized. In all cases, no point in the county if more than one day's ride by horse-back from the seat of local government. In the case of the state capitol selection, it is not only centralized in the territory/state, but was also mid-way between the two population centers along the principal transportation system of the time, the Missouri River.) The main retail center and location of the downtown shops is not Main street, but rather High Street, the British fashion. Question: Is Jeff the only city West of the Mississippi to have a High Street?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Modern Movie Marvels = Marvel Movies

I don't attend the picture show all that often, but perused the latest fare in anticipation of a leisure weekend at the apartment in the city.

I noticed that Resident Evil has a sequel out, Apocalypse. And this is not the only movie based on a video game. The two Tomb Raider movies and Mortal Combat I knew off the top of my head. (I am not much of a video-gamer...) Even Alien vs. Predator, both originally movie franchises made it's debut in the video-game arena before coming to the big screen last month.

The other 'new' idea is movies based on comic-book characters. X-Men, Spiderman, Hell-Boy, Punisher, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, the list goes on and on. This is nothing new, Batman and Superman before it were popular fodder for live-action versions.

In a way, both of these make sense to me. Both are simpler plots and both already use a visual-medium to tell there story. They translate well to the big-screen.

More often than not, Hollywood has no original ideas anymore. I like action-films and re-makes of old TV shows are OK (I am watching the movie version of SWAT as I write this...) but re-makes of TV or movies seems to be most of what is offered.

I have long maintained that full length Novels never translate to the Silver Screen intact. Too much goes on in a good novel to do it justice in the typical time-frame of modern public. (Peter Jackson's epics not-withstanding. And even as long as these were, they still left out huge chunks of Tolkein's master-work.)

It's the most common complaint. Of COURSE the movie isn't like the book. Would you really have sat there for five hours to see the entire thing? Could you?

I am also no longer a reader of Graphic Novels, and wonder how these translate.

I do still stop by the rack when I am perusing the other periodicals at the local book emporium.

There are certainly ample ideas, for the enterprising producer...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Airport Singer - Redux

The following occured on Friday September 14th, 2001

The Story

It is worth noting that I was only in Quincy Mass. because of the lack of proper facilities in the NYC area offices of this particular client. There was not an available training room in the Jersey City office. I had two participants from the Boston area and six who had traveled up from New York. Had we been doing this where we should have been, I would have been staying in the Marriott Hotel World Trade Center, which allowed easy access to the Jersey office via the PATH train station deep beneath the twin towers. That hotel used to be right between the two, directly connected to one of the lobbies. I still remember one story of a man who credited his rescue of a woman as the reason he was alive himself. He saw the woman silhouetted in the revolving door that connected the tower lobby to the hotel. He picked her up and carrying her to safety, saved himself as the crowd made way to let him through. I have walked through that door many times. I could picture exactly what he was describing. Needless to say, this event had a DEEP impact on my psyche.

End of the week and I was flying back from TFGreen Airport in RI. (Quincy is on the Southern edge of the Boston Metro Area. Easier and just as fast to drive up from Providence as to fly into Logan and fight your way through the tunnel to the Downtown/East/South locations that are the destinations dictated by my customers. (Of course this was pre-9/11, when the words easy and fast make any sense in a statement related to air travel…)

If I had flown into Logan I would have not even attempted the flight home, as it was a crime scene. Even with that, I was on the phone with other people from my office who started out that same Friday morning on the drive back. They were downtown and originally had no rental car. They had flown into Logan and only delayed until Friday for the return drive because they were frantically searching out transportation. Rental cars were scarce commodities that week. I didn’t give up mine until I was SURE I wasn’t going to drive back. I have heard anecdotal evidence of many car purchases for trips home. One involved two Suburbans purchased in Vegas, loaded to the gunwales and driven to Florida with a dozen occupants. I had spent a collected few hours on the phone with another trainer who was in Toronto the previous day. Figured I would drive over the Buffalo, pick up Rob as he got off some ferry that surely exists and drive home together. Couldn’t convince him of the hopelessness of his plan to return by rail. I think railroad tickets, already a limited resource, went even before the cars.

So, Thursday afternoon I trundled my self down to RI, ate dinner at best restaurant between Boston & NYC and settled into the Residence Inn. This pre-positioned me perfectly for a early and quick arrival for the expected long wait at the airport the next day.

Next morning at the breakfast buffet (Love those fresh made Waffles!) I met Jerry Vale. He had more troubles than me. He was on tour of a sort and had several boxes of orchestra scores that travel with him for the local players at the gig. At that point you couldn’t drive a car up to the curbside. Assuming he got a reservation back to sunny CA confirmed sometime that weekend, he had no idea how to get the ‘freight’ to the check-in, let alone if they would allow such, even for the extra fees he normally shelled out. I have no idea if my suggestion of posting them did him any good, but wished him well and beat feet to check in.

Arriving to the expected mass pandemonium, I started dutifully waiting in lines. I did notice a news crew filming as I arrived, but that seemed as ‘normal’ as anything else that day. (Being in the Boston area those first few days gave me access to some local news that I assume was unique, given the starting point of the fateful flights. But that is another story.)

I also noticed a huge portable scaffold/bucket at the escalators. Keep in mind Green is not that big an operation, that’s why I like it. There is one set of escalator/stairs to the lower level for baggage claim. I figured, given new security measures, they might be installing new cameras or some such.

Hours later, as my flight was, big surprise, delayed, I saw what was really going on.

They were hanging a huge American flag in the rafters of the check-in/arrival atrium.

I, like many or my fellow passengers were moved by this. It was eerie in a way. At least in the seating area around the central area, there was a kind of hush as the workmen completed their final touches.

Then, spontaneous applause and cheering.

I stepped over to one of RI’s finest and asked if he thought it would be OK to sing the anthem.

He said, “Yea, I ‘tink ‘dat wood be a gud, ideeea.” I explained that I was an opera singer, and it was going to be pretty loud.

He said go for it.

I start belting it out. I had no idea the news crew was still around, this was an hour or two later. The camera operator rushes from out of nowhere and starts filming. (That explains the orchestral start…) I caught his hurried set-up out of the corner of my eye, if I wasn’t a trained professional I would have been very distracted. ;-) The lovely young on-air personality asked me a question of two. I don’t remember the specifics that much, the response of the crowd and camera in my face was a bit overwhelming. Apparently the three facts that I did manage to convey accurately were my name, the home city I was returning to and the fact that I sang with the Lyric Opera of KC.

I then fly home (A complete story in itself.) and don’t give it a thought.

Thus started my 15 minutes of fame. (What Warhol didn’t make clear, is that the 15 minutes can be spread out in dribs and drabs over a fairly long period… ;->)

By Sunday I had received a phone call at home from a ‘fan’ in Providence. By Tuesday, which I took as a mental health day, everybody at work had heard from every client contact they had in Mass. (A not inconsiderable amount of phone calls.) Apparently, after I left for home, not only had the Providence CBS affiliate run the clip, the Boston affiliate had also. We have various offices in Australia, where ex-Pats called to report that: ‘Bruce Barr is all over CNN, they keep saying THIS is the American reaction the tragedy…” Anecdotal evidence indicates that it played in Europe, but no confirmed sightings. ;-) The Lyric’s PR staff called and asked me for an e-mail address, as they were getting inundated with ‘requests for information’ that were really fan-mail from New Englanders. Even received some real Honest-to-Creator postal notes.

By that Friday morning I arrive to both e-mail and voice-mail indicating that some morning guy on one of the rock stations is putting out the call to get me to the big human-flag event at a local KS park later that day. Ended up doing a follow-up interview and leading the audience at the Lyric as we sang the Anthem before the Saturday opening of Magic Flute. KCMO-TV the CBS people here in KC passed that on to Providence. Got a call from the local federal judge and sang at the swearing in ceremony for a group of new citizens. (Wow, you should talk to him. I thought MY 9/11 story was interesting.) Sometime later I did a EARLY morning radio interview back in Providence from my hotel room in Denver. Apropoh, as I was in Colorado completing the tasks originally scheduled for 9/13-14.

Quite a 15 minutes, huh?

In summary, the most humbling event of my life.

Please feel free to send this link to whomever you think might be interested. Especially anyone in the active military. I attended a Lunch and Learn session this week with a young programmer who is also a Military Police Team-Leader that recently returned from active duty over in Baghdad. Those kids are living in unbelievable conditions to protect their country and it’s citizenry while, in the process. freeing the citizens of Iraq of an unspeakable tyranny. (And when I say unbelievable conditions, I’m not even talking about venturing out of base camp and getting harassed.)

If this small offering could let them know how much we love them and appreciate their service, I would be honored indeed. Nothing would thrill me more than receiving an email from in-country saying they had watched this and been uplifted in the good fight.

One last thing. I had the occasion to return to that same Quincy office a year or so ago. First time back and booked through TFGreen. Felt kind of eerie until I arrived and was waiting for the National Rental Car bus. Standing next to me were a bunch of Marines waiting for mass-transit of their own.

I took this as a sign.

As has been my habit since 9/11, I took the opportunity speak with them:
‘Ladies and Gentleman, before you haul-ass out of here, I would like to just thank you for you’re service to you’re country.”

Hand-shakes and thank-yous and smiles like you wouldn’t believe.

Warmed my heart as I boarded my bus just after their’s had pulled away.

And people claim there is no God…

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Never Forget

"America is a Nation with a mission - and that mission comes from our most basic beliefs. We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire. Our aim is a democratic peace - a peace founded upon the dignity and rights of every man and woman." - George W. Bush

"There are a few very influential architects who sincerely believe that all buildings must be 'strong'. The word 'strong' in this context seems to connote 'powerful'—that is, each building should be a monument to the virility of our society. These architects look with derision upon attempts to build a friendly, more gentle kind of building. The basis for their belief is that our culture is derived primarily from Europe, and that most of the important traditional examples of European architecture are monumental, reflecting the need of the state, church, or the feudal families—the primary patrons of these buildings—to awe and impress the masses. This is incongruous today. Although it is inevitable for architects who admire these great monumental buildings of Europe to strive for the quality most evident in them—grandeur, the elements of mysticism and power, basic to cathedrals and palaces, are also incongruous today, because the buildings we build for our times are for a totally different purpose."

—Minoru Yamasaki, from Architects on Architecture: New Directions in America
Paul Heyer

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center soared above the New York skyline

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center soared above the New York skyline

"I feel this way about it. World trade means world peace and consequently the World Trade Center buildings in New York ... had a bigger purpose than just to provide room for tenants. The World Trade Center is a living symbol of man's dedication to world peace ... beyond the compelling need to make this a monument to world peace, the World Trade Center should, because of its importance, become a representation of man's belief in humanity, his need for individual dignity, his beliefs in the cooperation of men, and through cooperation, his ability to find greatness."

- Minoru Yamasaki, chief architect of the World Trade Center

"I am always amazed at how these men walk into fires, when the rest of us run from them" - Rudolph Giuliani

"All of a sudden there were people screaming. I saw people jumping out of the building. Their arms were flailing. I stopped taking pictures and started crying." - Michael Walters, a free-lance photo journalist in Manhattan

"The city is going to survive, we are going to get through it, It's going to be very, very difficult time. I don't think we yet know the pain that we're going to feel when we find out who we lost, but the thing we have to focus on now is getting this city through this, and surviving and being stronger for it." - Rudolph Giuliani

"America stands for liberty, for the pursuit of happiness and for the unalienable right for life. This right to life cannot be granted or denied by government because it does not come from government, it comes from the creator of life." - George W. Bush

God Bless the Republic of the United States of America

Friday, September 10, 2004


Tonight on the Jerry Doyle Show, FAA Special Agent Brian Sullivan, will expose the hand delivered letter he gave to John Kerry in May of 2001 about security breaches at Boston Logan airport.

Senator Kerry was warned about security breaches in 9 out of 10 tries, where a news team was able to get box cutters and other weapons through security checkpoints.

The media has chosen to ignore the information given to Senator Kerry, information he himself ignored.

Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of 9/11/2001. A day that perhaps may just well be remembered as another September day if John Kerry had heeded the warnings.

"The Jerry Doyle Show"
M-F, 7-10P PST & Sat, 8-11P PST
Call in number: 800/449-8255

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Democracy N Action

As I sit writing these words I await the meeting of the Lee's Summit R7 School Board.

I am gradually being surrounded by Lefties.

There is a tizzy over President Bush's campaign rally that was held here Tuesday Morning at LSHS.

I can hardly be deem im-partial in this little row.

A. I am obviously political. In fact, this year, as I have written, I am Political (capital P) and am actively campaigning for at least one candidate.

B. My daughter attends LS North High School. (Note: If anything, this is my only beef with the district. North SHOULD have been the location of the rally. Our kids had the highest MAPP scores. However, the track was under repair, and as the Bush campaign wanted an outside rally...)

C. I know the President of the School Board, Patti Buie, personally. She has been a family rind for years. Our children have attended the school together every year but one. My oldest daughter attended a different school for KinderGarten. Patti's son and daughter are one year older than my two daughters, respectively. I also attend church with the Buies. I also lead worship in song with her every Sunday.

And so, I was her Intelligence Agent throughout the day.

I caught wind of the protest letter, which SOMEHOW found it's way into the hands of the Kansas City Star. Apparently it was accompanied by a petition signed by 200 or so residents. (With a population of about 70,000, that would be rounded to .3%.) The letter and petition complained about the 'fairness' of having a (SHUDDER) Partisan Political Rally on school property and during school hours. The local morning drive-time talk-show host was taking calls on the subject. I did not count, but of the callers I heard all (at least 7) were in favor of holding the rally save one, the final caller, who had no real cogent argument, other than they hate Bush.

After arriving at work I the second hour of the talk-show that talks politics was devoted to the rally beef. Again, all were in favor save two callers. One was as incoherent as the earlier call-in. The other, who was also the last caller actually had some cogent arguments. I did not agree mind you, but he at least sounded reasonable, with reasoned points of contention.

I made contact with Patti by noon-time and filled her in on what had transpired, along with some points of contention that would be brought up.

There was one more local talk-show in the afternoon. As I expected, LSHS and the big Rally was the topic of discussion. I called Patti and alerted her to tune in. Chris Moreno, the instigator of the petition drive was a guest. He is a 24 year old political science at a nearby college and a graduate of LS schools. I must admit he had a very reasoned set of rhetoric on the subject. I could swear he was the same caller had made the same points during the earlier talk-show this morning. He stayed on-the-air and took several calls. Once again the callers were overwhelmingly pro-rally and thought the chance to see the President of the United States was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And so, I am waiting for the meeting to begin. I decided at least ONE person in the room needed to NOT be angry at the board. I would call it moral support, but that would probably get me accused of implying the other side is im-moral... ;-)

I recognize one camera-crew is from the ABC affiliate, as the on-air personality is familiar. I can't identify the other. (Later viewing verifies it as the local FOX crew.)

The meeting begins.

First order of business an Agenda change.
Board policy stipulates that 5 days notice be given to be placed on the meeting agenda. There are a series of motions and seconds with discussion and votes to allow a single 5 min. max (per Board policy had the 5-day requirement been met) presentation.

(Aren't Robert's Rules of Order wonderful? When it come down to it, they are DESIGNED to force civility in meetings just like this. And believe me, when money is involved these kind of meetings can get contentious.)

You could almost feel the large crowd deflate as they realized they were not going to get to spend hours berating the subject.

Chris' speech was basically the same as his points on the radio during the day.

He had no objections to the President visiting per se, but felt it was wrong that the students were Subjected (his word) to a Partisan Political Campaign Rally.

Students at LSHS were allowed to opt-out of attendance by parental note and spend the time in study hall. The other two high-schools and the three middle schools were not given this choice but Forced (once again his word) to watch the rally on closed-circuit TV.

Some students were moved and had to stand as adults from as far away as St. Joe and Kansas were seated. His claim that these were campaign contributors.

Finally, he had anecdotal evidence of adults chewing on the kids for being anti-Bush.
(At this point, I feel that Chris' severe-but-still-reasonable-sounding searches of his thesaurus came up short. Having heard his rhetoric multiple times, on radio and live, I noticed a pattern. Each time he seemed to pick his words carefully to maximize Polarization. Chew? Hmmm... I actually think Chris' beef with the Board may go beyond politics. When quoting part the district vision statement to bolster his argument, (uniquely committed to the academic, physical, emotional and social well-being of ALL students. He referred to it as the vision statement the IMPOSED on the students. Does this sound normal to you? I should also add another Disclaimer:My wife worked on the committee that developed the mission and vision statements...)

He thinks the LS Board should:
1. Apologize in the small local paper.
2. Invite the Democrat Presidential candidate to hold a rally. (To be fair...)
3. Change policy to insure this travesty never occurs again.

In the end, a petition signed by less than one-half of one percent of the population of this city (the school district actually includes some other municipal areas) and precipitated by primarily by a single ex-student was used as a basis for a request to change district policy.

I think this sums up the Democrat Party. In attempting to keep everybody in their 'big-tent' happy, they end up compromising to the lowest-common-denominator.

Of course this sense of 'fairness' and 'balance' goes out the window when other subjects related to running school districts come to the forefront.

Ultimately, the kind of town-hall question-and-answer session that Mr. Moreno claims he expected are policy discussions. And policy discussions, especially during campaigns ARE PARTISAN. If Mr. Moreno was being intellectually honest, he would admit that it is the same message, different package.

And so, the students of LSHS had a chance to see Democracy in Action in the form of a full-tilt Presidental campaign. For those who cared at all, and did not just welcome the chance to get out of class (my own daughter's lament when the rally was not scheduled at her school) I doubt they were as scarred-for-life as Mr. Moreno contends.

And likewise, this is a political issues, with a political solution.

This is politics at the most intimate level.

This is where you can actually go and monitor your elected officials.

I attended, not just for my two friends on the board, but for all who serve.
This is a thankless job, with far more hassles than 'perks'.
This is pure public service.

To all the disgruntled people who are sitting in the room with me:

You want to change board policies?

Change the board.

Put up or shut up.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

40 Minutes

I didn't bother to watch DAhn RAHther interview Ben Barnes regarding his re-hashed 'revelation' of having 'facilitated' George W. Bush's National Guard spot.

After all, if you really don't think you already know what he was going to say, CBS has it plastered onto the link above. I doubt I missed much.

Why, you ask.

Because I have an idea who Ben Barnes is.

Ex-Texas Lt. Gov. (hey ANOTHER Lieutenant!) who's political career was ruined by financial scandal.

He is apparently a good friend of Kerry from trips to islands off the Cape of Cod...

What's more, he is listed as a Vice-Chair on Kerry's web-site. (And these people had the gall to make claims of Bush connections to the Swifties? True they mostly consisted of something along the lines of 'Well, George Bush is from Texas and the guy who put up the money for the television ads is from Houston and, well, they're all TEXANS...' THIS, people is a REAL CONNECTION.)

Meanwhile, O'Reilly had Larry Korb (An Assistant Secretary of Defense under Reagan) during the same segment.

To sum up Mr. Korb's argument: "If George W. Bush had served in Vietnam, his perspective on the whole 'quagmire' aspect of Iraq would have changed his decision.

Hmmm, I suppose so. I can suppose a LOT of things. Mostly it is the ivory-tower diplomat-speak that is Mr. Korb's bread and butter now-a-days.

Two things I find interesting:

The Kerry Campaign yells loudest that it doesn't want to talk about Vietnam just as other voices are doing it for them...

Here it is the week after the convention and there just HAPPEN to be TWO guard-service segments on simultaneously on Wed. evening. One for the die-hard libs who still watch CBS and expect anything approaching JOURNALISM. The other on 'that right-wing cable network' that has the more 'reasonable' questions regarding guard-service.

There are no co-incidences...

I'm Really Back Now!

If you have been missing more regular postings, I apologize. A series of technological problems have been plaguing me of late. Believe me, I had plenty of thoughts during last week's Passionate Pacaderm Parade. (Hey, turn-about is fair play. And I am, after all, want to remind you of the other side's symbol... ;->) I will re-hash some of those musings and re-package them in the near future. The same principles are still very much in play.

And now that the 'official' campaign has begun, some of us a playing rough...

But then, this notion that Politics isn't rough is a fool's premise.

Let the games begin...

VeeP Under Fire

Big do'ins over the Vice-President's statement yesterday on the importance of the upcoming election.

And Oh! Are the lefties/media in all a twitter!

"Over the Line!"  

Oh, really?  And the rhetoric coming from the Dem campaign and it's many allies is not?

Terry McAuliffe, Donkey Chair - "Bush was AWOL."

Mikey Moore's latest flick...

"Questioning our Abilities!"

Well, Duh!  If I didn't think I was better than you at running things, why would I even be in the election?
Are we supposed to have some kind of 'non-partisan' ELECTION?!?!?

And finally, the first one I heard quoted, and my personal fav.:

Madeleine Albright who said not only was the statement "Over the Line!" but also

OK, you want to talk about RESPONSIBILITY?  Get another spokesman/woman.

On Ms. Albright's Watch:

Four separate and well-publicized attacks.

Two African embassies.  (Technically US Soil.)
The USS Cole
The World Trade Center Truck-Bombing.

The Clinton counter-offensive results?

A bombed-out aspirin factory and some dead camels near an empty tent...

This just in:  The 1000th brave soul has passed in service to their country in Iraq.

This will present quite the quandary as to which should receive more attention,
this Mile-Stone that the Donkey/Libs have been salivating over for weeks, or
the Devil-Incarnate's grievous statements that he is somehow BETTER for the

I know which I think will win-out.

End-of-the-day update.

I am supprised. The 1000th casualty was very soft-pedaled, if it was noted at all. I really didn't think they had it in them...

The Cheney comment had much more attention.

In fact, it seemed to entirely deflect the whole casualty topic...

If the Whitehouse weren't such Political Morons, one might even think the Vice-President threw it out there to chum the water...

Friday, September 03, 2004

Answers to Yesterday's Little Quiz with Musings on the Convention Week

All right class take out you papers and we will grade your answers  ;-)

Which party's candidate made a speech during the opposing party's convention?

Why, none other than the D-man, John F. Kerry.

For those who are not aware (and SURELY we all are, as we are PAYING ATTENTION (tm) are we not?) there is an unwritten Gentlemans agreement that one suspends active campaigning during the oppositions convention.  I choose my words carefully, and, as a result, conclude that Democrats in general (at least in there polarized left-leaning incarnation during this election cycle) and John Kerry in particular are/is no Gentleman.  This is, as the Brits would say, Bad Form

That said, I did not hear the speech, as I work for a living.  I did hear commentary on what was happening during the speech on the radio.  Apparently, when President Bush addressed the Legion, it was a wide shot with many Legionnaires in the background over each shoulder.  When describing Lt. (jg) Kerrys appearance, the camera shot was tight on Kerrys face, with no attendees visible. 

Were the Kerry people worried at the reactions that might appear amongst the audience?

(Consider this an extra-point opportunity.  Submit essays via e-mail  ;->)

Which party's operatives became 'sleeper-agents' in order to infiltrate the other party's convention and interrupt the Vice-Presidential and Presidential acceptance speeches?

Why, its the Donkeys AGAIN!  I suppose this was more evident to me during the Presidents speech because I was listening on the radio, rather than watching on television.  ABC commentators actually were so thrilled with this event that they TALKED OVER the speech to inform us of the rabble-rousers.  Let me know how much interruption it was via video.

It was only after the first interruption during the POTUS speech that I was reminded of the similar attempt to disrupt the Vice-Presidents acceptance speech the night before.  Does anyone doubt these were an intentional acts?  The protestors admitted they were going to attempt to disrupt the conventions smooth progress in any way they could.  To even consider that this would include infiltrating the convention itself was probably beyond the pale for the average Republican delegate.  I was quite proud of the crack team of Secret Service agents assigned to the Presidential detail.  They were on the top of their game and quashed these pathetic attempts before they even got started.  (BTW, POTUS is not disrespectful.  It is a Secret Service acronym.  President Of The United States.)

I wonder how soon or even if I will hear their actions justified by a Liberal talking-head.  Should the subject even come up, I have little doubt that the excuses for this abysmal behavior will be rampant.

(Email me any sightings of pundit apologists.

Which party's candidate made his First official campaign speech following the opposing party's convention barely 45 minutes after the conclusion of that convention?

This one is also the big D!  I also wait to hear the whine:  Technically it was the next day…”

The after-midnight rally was a transparent joke to anyone with half a brain.  (I said what I meant and I meant what I said)

Lt. (jg) Kerry regarding President Bushs speech:

All Hat, No Cattle!

(What the HELL does that mean, exactly?  Are we going for an obtuse Wheres the Beef? allusion?)

My reply to Lt. (jg) Kerrys positions:

No Hat, All Bull!

(To whom it may concern: Feel free to use this freely  ;->)

Which of these events is an Unprecedented first in the history of United States politics?

Why look, its ALL THREE!  A Triple-D!  (Would that be pronounced Duh,Duh,Dun?  ;->)

And finally:

Which party seems desperate?

We Report, You Decide   ;-)

P.S. I have decided to refer to the Democrat Party Candidate for President in a specific way from now on, starting with this post.  Explain this reference, including WHY it seems appropriate and receive Double-Super-Secret-Probation Extra-Credit Bonus Points.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

JFK Re-Dux

Which party offers what your country to do for you?

Which asks what you can do for your country?

Unprecedented Presidential Political Machinations

Which party's candidate made a speech during the opposing party's convention?

Which party's operatives became 'sleeper-agents' in order to infiltrate the other party's convention and interupt the Vice-Presidential and Presidential acceptance speeches?

Which party's candidate made his First official campaign speech following the opposing party's convention barely 45 minutes after the conclusion of that convention?

Which of these events is an Unprecedented first in the history of United States politics?

And finally:

Which party seems desperate?

The T Word

When all is said and done, this election, like ALL elections, boils down to one word:


When this word first occurred to me, early this morning, while I was still in that hazy transition between sleep
and wakefulness, I was ready to dismiss the very concept.

How can one Trust ANY politician.  The very concept seems foreign to the logical mind.
After all, they are all chameleons, willing and even anxious to reflect the latest poll data and the whims of the largest

"Of COURSE he's lying, his LIPS ARE MOVING..."

And yet, we all, deep in our heart of hearts, make a decision on who shall best REPRESENT us, at whatever level
of governmental service.  Even the more jaded will hold their nose and vote the one least likely to screw too much up.

So, though I realize this is not any huge revelation, and many will have already come to this oh-so-obvious conclusion:

A few words on Trust.

Both parties 'get-it'.

All of the Democrat and Liberal-sympathizing ads and movies are based on questioning Trust in the present
administration.  Some have even gone so far as to use the word 'regime' when referring to this administration..  
But this also is a method of undermining Trust.

Likewise the Republican ads, as well as the Swifties book and ads are brining into the public sphere the vacillations
of Sen. Kerry over the years.

I have made no secret of my leanings in this race.  I have not supported the Bush-Cheney team on all their decisions,
or the legislation they have encouraged and signed into law.  In this respect, I believe I accurately reflect many of the
'right'.  (Whatever that means, and it is not so simple as the press would have us believe...)

To be quite honest, I am much more a Libertarian than most of the Republican party.  this administration is FAR
from  my ideal.  

But look at the alternative.

What seems to me at least as obvious as these musings on Trust, is the ample evidence that the  Donkey party seems
to have short-term memory loss regarding our present situation.

Beyond all else, Sen. Zell Miller gave an impassioned description on why I am in full support of the re-election of our
present administration.

They GET IT.  They understand that we are rapidly approaching the third year anniversary of the SINGLE EVENT that
has fundamentally changed the political/cultural/civilized world for at least the first half of this new century.  Given the
long-standing enmity between Western Culture and the religious group associated with this militant terrorism and their
motivations/justifications, it might even be the first half of this Millennia.

As one commentator likes to say, "the adults are in charge."

The Donkey Party is all to willing to use ANY method/event/situation for Political Gain.
This, at it's heart, is what had Sen. Miller so agitated.  And rightfully so.

And so, we return to the T word.

Sen. Miller TRUSTS George W. Bush.

Assuming you are not already someone who agrees with the Honorable Senator from Georgia, (admittedly a dubious
prospect, but I might not have run-off everybody with my own rhetoric) you need to listen carefully this evening.

Whether you think the tax-cuts are a good idea or not.  Whether you are for/against gay marriage.  Or stem-cell research.
Whether you are pro/anti war/guns/choice/abortion/unions/big business/health-care reform/trial lawyers/torte-reform/etc.

Who makes you feel safer?
Who has taken steps to protect you, your loved ones and the very infrastructure of civilization that you are dependant upon?

Who do you TRUST?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Veep Vindictiveness?

Well, the final speaker of the night has finished, and I must say I am surprised.

Many from the other side would characterize this man as the Devil Incarnate.

I always figured it would be harder to get good camera angles on 'Ol Scratch...

And he's a LOT funnier than I thought he would be...

Democrats for W

Have no idea how formalized this group may be.
One thing is for sure.

Their leader is speaking at the Republican Convention as I type this.


Give 'em Hell Zell...

Saudi Media-Blitz?

Is anyone else hearing the same ad-spots that have been playing this week here in KC?
They are playing on at least one of the two major Talk-Radio outlets.

Very low-key, with a refined touch in the choice of spokesman.  
(To judge by the accent,  the product of a fine English education.  Eaton perhaps?)

First he lists various contentions that have received various amounts of media attention.
Then proceeds to quote the 9-11 commission's findings, refuting each.

Finally, the narrator makes a statement of solidarity of the Saudi people with Americans.

I find this most interesting.  I have yet to see TV versions.  Could this be a concerted
effort to target the talk-radio (ostensibly Conservative) audience?

Let me know if you see/hear anything similar in your market...